November 30, 2015

Sandbagging Skooter

  The year was 2005, Chenga one was closing in a month and I was doing all I could to progress my riding to the next level. I only had one shot to lay it all on the line and be victorious at the last Chenga contest to ever be held. I figure my chances would be pretty good if I entered beginner. I'd just have to keep my trusty steed on 2 wheels, make sure my psychadelic purple bandana holds down the flare leg on my sisters jeans from getting caught up in the sprocket, and bust out some of my new tricks while performing a few jump to flats to win the judges hearts over and claim the top step on the podium.
   Perfect plan. Until this motherfucker shows up. Slight change up in plans. My head tells me this dude is a sandbagger no doubt. Then I find that that's all I could hear people yell at me while I was riding too. Okay, fair game. I qualify 2nd to him. That's fine I made finals and I'm ready to unleash the beast and claim the biggest sandbagger award. This is where I'll never run another one of those KMC kool chains again. Mid run I lay down my bread and butter, big fakie wallride after I hit the spine. I come in fakie a little too hot for the Kool chain and off she goes. I'm left riding around chain less like a clown while Skooter puts together another flawless victory.
   I can only imagine the crazy amount of fame, sponsorships, and dumpster handjobs I missed out on after that lackluster performance. Skooter rightfully deserved it all though. Infact I'm pretty positive this edit boasts some chainless riding from the man as well.

   This song was also my ringtone on my old Motorola flip phone, I probably paid $2 for it. -DaBoza
Edit put together by Brenden Wargo. Brenden actually filmed all of this with his hands in an x-up position.

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