August 31, 2011

Get sappy

Bikes rule. If you don't agree then you mean nothing to me. That's one of the first things that comes up anytime I've gone on a date with a chick. My dad taught me that way before I started dating. He may have been referring to motocross and motorcycles, but its all the same shit to me. I've broken it off with girls because they just didn't get it. I had one friend in high school because everyone else didn't get it. Not that he did either, but I was his only friend as well, so we bonded and pretty much spent highschool fucking with people. I wouldn't even waste my time trying to explain much to the people that didn't understand me, i didn't care. I was friends with just about every kid in my school at one time when I was way younger, bikes n shit always appeal to young crowds. It's around 9th grade when people start turning on you and looking at you like you're some kid on a scooter that needs to grow up and get a car. Sure I wanted a car, I wanted the best piece of shit I could find for $500 that would make it to the skatepark and back in the winter. I loved riding everywhere. There wasn't shit to ride by me of course, actually that's all there was, shit to ride. I learned to ride on that shit. I enjoyed filming clips of me riding on said shit by myself.

I'm 23, I wasn't riding around in the 90s when bmx was bmx, but I started when it was still real atleast. I didn't know much about bike riders or bikes in general. Like most kids today, my first bike I built was built for weight. I knew one thing about bikes and weight-HEAVIER MEANS STRONGER. If i bought a bike part, i bought the heaviest one i could find. Some of the heaviest stuff was just too expensive-those were on my dream bike build list. I thought my bike looked dumb if my seat was below my crossbar, I NEEDED sprocket guards on my profile blackjack with a 1/4" chain, my bike wouldn't work without chain tensioners, and a 2-hip pork was my holy grail. I hate trends, though I've gotten sucked into most of them, it was all for the benefit of my riding-not to look like some other bmx rider atleast. Plus those stupid trends I've tried and been through just make riding stories even greater.

Bmx is the exact opposite of what it was when I started riding, I've been on both extreme ends of the sport, to me that's riding through it all, the fact that I still love it and have that drive that keeps my sprockets going makes me feel accomplished-makes me feel like I deserve to be that asshole to the people that talk shit, makes me glad that I have good friends to talk about how we need to ride more when we are drunk as fuck at 4 in the morning- stopping to look at handrails on our way back from the bars. The fact that I have those friends that share the same experiences as me, friends that are down as fuck to keep riding/filming/drinking beer and talking about tits n shit- THAT RULES and I'm more psyched on bikes then I have ever been. All ive ever wanting out of bmx was self satisfaction, to gain all these friends and experiences is like getting that unexpected blowjob, but on a much larger scale. That's about every bmxers story, and thats what makes great friends. If you're my friend now, you ride a fucking bike. Those 2 wheels get you into a friendship with me, cause without them, we have nothing real in common.

BAD VIBE is bmx, thats all. My friends doing our shit supporting your friends doing your shit. We are doing whats rad to us, going where we wanna go with it. We wanna ride and party with dudes just like us. We all wanna go somewhere, be known for something, ride for some company or brand doing something real- so we are making it happen for us and i hope it will be a trip. I never want to make money riding my bike, never expect to, never will. If anything comes my way from bmx, it's going right back into it, or for beers for dudes that ride. Id like to say ive gotten to ride through some of the best of bmx and I've met some of the coolest people in the process, but for myself and my friends the best is yet to come. If you can get down with that, welcome, and if not, suck it


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