December 16, 2018

If pigs could fly...🐷

Round 2 of 3 of our game of bike challenge. This time we mixed it up and brought out some mid-school pigs and had us a little game of PORK.

December 08, 2018

Gage Vs Johnny B.I.K.E. Round 1

Fun game of bike Friday night at Chenga World with Gage Sharp and myself(Johnny). Our plan was simple, do tricks that the other person has a slim to none chance of pulling or even attempting.
This was the first of 3 rounds between me and Gage. We have a wild twist planned for the next round that will make things get very interesting.
Stay tuned!

November 19, 2018

Totem v2

Brought back the Totem design and have been having a blast doing our own screen printing to have more control over our product. This design is now a back print with an additional left chest arrowhead print. Garments include T-shirts, 3/4 sleeve raglan shirts, windbreakers, crewnecks, hoodies, and heavier duty “moto” jackets. I’ve also experimented with creating a “midnight edition” black on black print that came out sick yet subtle, and also an inverted print consisting of black ink on white garments. Very psyched on all of this stuff. The apparel we stock can be found on the BADVIBEBMX SHOP!

Screen Printed design

American Apparel 3/4 sleeve

Black water resistant wind breaker

Inverted print on hooded sweatshirt

November 01, 2018

Halloween Chenga Jam ‘18

  This past Friday the annual Badvibe Halloween Jam at ChengaWorld went off. This has to be around our 10th year hosting a Halloween event at Chenga and it’s really evolved from a small scale after-hours rental with a few friends, to a full blown jam including most all of the riders within our scenes. I actually remember sweating to cover the 10 person rental minimum in the earlier years.
  Huge thanks to Scott and Dave for allowing the extended hours to let us really have a legit jam. Also big thanks to Standard Byke Company, Profile Racing, Madera Bmx, and SCG Shoes for sponsoring the event. I was told I should hit up a bunch of companies and distributors for prizes, but that’s not how I operate, I fully appreciate and enjoy getting support from the companies I believe in.

A few pics thanks to Brenden Wargo:
Destiny trying to earn some tips
Power Ranger Squad
Cuz D fresh outta of court
Caleb and Trevor touching tips on the hitching post
Brett Robinson-Wallride at height
Trevor Watring-Doing a Trevor
Caleb Ramsey-Skinny icepick
Paul Rad-Table on the steep boi
Destiny-Footjam over
Ray Fairclough-Fakie wall ride
Nate Powell-Over ice over fakie 

February 16, 2017

California Cruise

   A couple months back Justin Friedl, Mike Arra, and myself tripped out west to escape our cold climate. The game plan was relatively simple: fly into Los Angeles, rent a car, and make our way to Phoenix Arizona within 7 days as that's where our return flight would be. We wanted to have no set schedule other than exploring and riding as much as we could within our given time frame while covering as much ground as possible.
   This wasn't a filming trip and there were no expectations to adhere to. We also had no tour guide. We wanted to experience the purest form of the most blown out area in the country going by our own knowledge and know how. Of course we were excited to find and ride some very famous spots, but there was a little more satisfaction in coming across different rideable terrain ourselves, whether or not fame got to the area before us.
   Having no schedule makes for a true vacation. Each day started out with some hot tub and pool therapy. We'd agree on a basic plan for the day and go out and execute. We covered so much ground and did so many different things on and off the bikes. We surfed at Huntington Beach while doing the stingray shuffle, played tourist in Hollywood, pissed off the top of a mountain surrounded by lavish multi million dollar estates(they street park their Lamborghinis next to garbage cans at night), rode dirtbikes at Glen Helen(aka America's greatest motocross track), ate at fancy restaurants such as In-n-out, Hooters, Fatburger, and McDonald's, pet a cactus, chilled in a hot tub with a dude from Alaska(his daughter is on the swim team, and no he does not live in an igloo), drank beer out of Arizona green tea cans on a San Diego beach, ate authentic Mexican food as close to the border as we could get, drove through the desert on a horse with no name to get to Phoenix, among many more great memories.
We milked this trip and are definitely looking forward to the next. Get out and explore, it's cheap as hell with a few friends.

Ditch whip Justin
Top speed wallride in Phoenix by myself
Best find of the trip, of any trip.
Desert whip Daboza 
Justin Friedl haul ass downwhip on the steepest hill
Justin admiring his bike

October 11, 2016

Chenga Halloween jam

This has become an annual event we have been hosting at Chengaworld. Loosely based Halloween theme, wear a costume if you want to maximize the fun you will have.
We are still keeping this event 18+ as it is a semi-private rental geared towards an older crowd.

July 30, 2016

So fly they call him Mr. Mime

   Gage Sharp stacks tricks like you stack Pidgeys and Weedles. By the time we film a good clip of him he's already evolved something better on Instagram. When you are expecting to see him bust out a Pigeotto, he's bringing Vaporean to the party.
   Needless to say, an edit of Gage with clips from a year or 2 ago is pretty common stuff to see out of him these days. Nonetheless, it's still all a bunch of great clips we've been holding onto for a bit that most mortals don't fuck with.

June 12, 2016

Canal Fulton Jam edit

Nice edit from the Canal Fulton jam we attended last week. Video and words by Matt Poteet
"Canal fulton skatepark has been plagued by floods in the past destroying most of the wood and ramps but this determined group of local riders want to have their own park to ride so with the help of Brimstone bicycles and brant moore. some new wood was funded and ramps were built and fixed for this jam.had an awesome turn out because a bunch of ohio riders showed up and had an awesome time."

April 21, 2016

Eastlake clean-up edit

Edit from the clean up event this past weekend at Eastlake with the homies.

Get motivated

We are getting into some amazing weather. Let's do cool stuff again. No one is going to be watching your stupid 60 second instavid 8 years from now, so let's make some stuff to remember the good times!

Long Promo by Kevin Sanchez circa 2008

Big Cartel online store

I'll be adding a Store tab up top which will direct you to our BIG CARTEL where you can get your hands on our latest goods!
Keep in mind everything sold goes back into our scene and efforts one way or another whether it's allowing us to buy prizes and necessities for jams, sponsor other local jams which we thoroughly encourage, purchasing materials for our local skatepark, and most of all being able to continue making new stuff without going too broke. We aren't out Here building drift cars and putting coilovers on our BMWs with this stuff.

April 02, 2016

Chenga Day progression edit.

Chenga session last night with the real street crew. Without this kind of progression bmx would cease to exist.
Johnny DelBalso
Gage Sharp
Mike Arra
Justin Friedl
Cody Duff
Markus Wilk guest appearance

March 16, 2016

Lip FLords


   Sponge, Brant, and Alex's edit from everyone's number one Florida dream spot(not Kona, the other one). This place rules, and these things are harder to ride than you think. There's no such thing as catching perfect transition, unless you're Mark Mulville. That's not fisheye distortion, these boys are just steep.
   Notables are Alex's footjam bar line, Brants 270 tap pedal 270, and Sponge's whiplash-fuckin animal. Good watch.

March 13, 2016

Kenny Mayle photography

Kenny Mayle has been getting into some photography while he's been injured from pumping too much iron. Here's a collection of some of my favorite pics he's taken as of recent. To view many more good ones visit his flicker account> Kennys Best Nudes. Maybe you'll find yourself in there, if not hit him up to shoot sometime. Find, tag, follow him @u_jealous
Bum whip
Dylan Barspin
Goonie Whip
Obama Nac
Will Smith
Sick ol oppo ice
Dark Lord casting a spell
Bumlife Table

Duffs Reign of Terror

  The Dark Lord has aged another year, another decade. After 30 years of terror on the innocent, a new moon has risen for Cody Duff to evolve into the next chapter of his game. The world may not be ready for the ultimate plan he has been festering the past few years, but that was never meant to be anyone's business anyways. Everyone is no more than a mere mortal, a pawn waiting to be taken upon his next move. Happy Birthday Cody.
  Here we have a late night Chengaworld Ritual meeting used to celebrate this special day.
Film and edit by Matt Poteet. 

March 02, 2016

Magnum XL-Digerolma

"Ocean Blue ramps, soothing whale sounds, and a bunch of unused clips from a summer of doing shows at Cedar Point."-Nick Digerolma 

New Philly Twizzlers

   New Philly's tight. Arguably they have the best outdoor park in Ohio, no argument there. Unless you like concrete more than real wood ramps, but that would probably mean that you aren't even from Ohio so your opinion is null and void. Or maybe you're from New Philly and you're sick of your home park, then you're just a spoiled little brat.

  So here we are with a nice little mix edit involving a good portion of the New Philly crew plus a few extra familiar faces. Follow the crew on their new Instagram NEW_PHILA_NIBBLERS

February 23, 2016

Day at Rays MKE

Edit from this past weekend with the Standard crew at Rays Mke. Film/edit by Jerrod Glasgow. Riders Johnny DelBalso, Paul Radosevich, Billy Woodfin, Rick Moliterno, Matt Lough, Joe Battaglia, David Buseman

December 11, 2015

Let's go Mud Dogs!

Brant Moore busts out 10 spectacular spine stunts in his latest video in the Bourbon Bowl at Raysmtb. It may appear that he's gotten his hands on a copy of Kevin Giusti's old playbook. Real question is, does ol Juicedaddy have any new plays and enough water in the tank to respond?