June 24, 2012


Filming has started for the video we are working on. Each day I go out and film, I get more pissed I can't ride yet. I've been on my bike the past 5 days though cruising around so thats better than nothing. I'm out with a shoulder injury and it's really got me thinking how i'm gonna come out when i'm healed. After I just typed that I literally thought about it for a good 15 minutes... Anyways, The plan is to start stacking clips for everyone these next two months, then by the time i'm healed up enough to ride, start filming my own shit. Growing up riding I never thought there had been much street around me at all, so i'm trying to revolve my whole part around our area and see what happens and how my perception of whats possible has evolved. I've already reserved quite a bit of big shit i've called out for my section so I hope my shoulder's good to go this fall. I'm really looking to highlight some of the young rats we've taken under our wings with this video, we've already shotgunned their first beers with them, so I'd say they are off to a good start. Its kinda weird some of my best friends are 8 years younger then me.

Scotty "sucks at drinking beer" Spaid did this hot move for Dan Lacey

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