July 13, 2012

Journey to the center of my mind

2005, the best year of bmx in my opinion. It's been on my mind for the past 10 days and it excites me and bums me out at the same time. I had the most surreal dream of my life 10 days ago. P-rad loaded a bunch of us up in a school bus and magically drove us to Chenga 1. We got in a quick 40 minute session that was filled with me trying to ride every sub and wallride in there. I looked at my younger friends and said to them "Now do you see what you missed out on?!". Shortly after, we had to leave and it was like we were being slowly sucked outside(not like dick sucking, im referring to vaccuum suction). I knew we were never coming back so I did one last wallride on the office wall, the wind like suction caused me to nose case alittle and slip the landing, but it was 2005-it counted. It was the most real thing that's ever hit me in a dream.
I know other people have their "best of bmx" years, but I loved everything about 2005. All rollbacks counted, brakes and 2 pegs ruled, 5 lb frames were too light, no foam, no circus tricks, everyone loved a good sub-box, being call a Chenga rider wasn't an insult, 36/13t, disasters, Primo OG cassettes, chenga 1, flow 1, section8, even big happys all in their last years. Everything just seemed so real for bmx.
Ofcourse this sounds like me reliving my prime years of bmx, but that's not even close. My best years so far belong in 2009-2010 and I'm not out of prime yet I hope. I'm just thinking about how great everything was for bmx and the whole vibe of it all, maybe I'm just thinking Midwest bmx here, but it definitely ruled and I'm glad I experienced it. I hope my younger friends can look back one day and atleast think they rode through the best of bmx, just as I feel I did in 2005

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