January 15, 2013

Groupchat Exposed

  I asked my group chatters to shoot me an idea for something to post on here, and immediately responses like "pics of jeffy's girlfriend", "those black trannys", and "that last pic of me on the shitter" respond back. Pretty much exactly what I was expecting. 
  Group chat is probably the greatest thing since Tyler Pollari invented sliced bread. It's my solid crew of shit talking bmx bandits that work together to keep us all thoroughly entertained while we are being slaves to the grind, or trying to sleep. Any given morning ill wake up to 50-100 new messages of some of the stupidest shit you've ever seen and heard of. Mostly shit talking of course, supported with screenshots of numerous dumbasses of the Internet and bmx scene. That coupled with Paul's latest dick pics, James' masturbation techniques, cat discussions, and the nights bar gathering hotspot keeps the group chat alive and doing very well. Hell, we even discuss riding plans occasionally. 
  Maybe if you're lucky, you'll see the occasional group chat pic of the week from one of these 7 handsome fellas.








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