February 23, 2013

Canadian border patrol

   To hopefully make things a little more interesting and diverse here on the site, I'm rallying up a couple extra post moderators. First to take the bait is my long time compadre Kevin "undergrounddruglord" Sanchez.
   I met Kevin about 8 years ago on a Carnival cruise ship. He was working laundry and I was working pool maintenance. Yeah shitty jobs, but it paid the bills at the time. We were relaxing in the hot tub one night with tons of hot chicks with boobs, and he started talking about this master plan to get us both out of the cruise ship gig. I was paying more attention to the babes on each of my arms but he started elaborating about taking empty laundry detergent boxes and having his Puerto Rican pals fill them up with some grade A white lightning. I quickly pulled the boobs out of my face and told him he was crazy and it would only get him in trouble.
   Well not even 6 months later Kevin was on the run for you guessed it, puerto rican dog fighting on the ship. Apparently the drug deal worked out and he's been livin large in the hills of Lakewood Ohio. A quick social security number swap and Kevin's free to roam the streets under his own identity, albeit further investigation can dig up some high security alerts with the authorities. Anyways, the Kevin I know is a good guy who's just tryin to live that bmx lifestyle with strippers and cocaine.

Hopefully this ol blunderbuss can fire out some decent posts for yins to gander.
"Can you get a picture so I can have a #fufanufriday?"

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