February 03, 2013

Local Smokie

When not out stealing cars, peddling drugs, and laundering stacks of money, Jon "RideswaytoomuchBMX" Hughes can be found riding too much bmx inside Chenga57. Now, take Chenga57 out of the equation, and Jon will have to go back to the hard knock hoodrat lifestyle he chooses to live off the bike. I don't actually know if any of that is true, it's just what I can gather from the song used in his edit here. With Chenga57s doors now closed, the rider formerly known as "the kid with the yellow helmet" will hopefully be seen more frequently at some more of our local riding spots doing all his tricks that weren't resi and foam pit inspired. Yes, those kids still exist. Here ya go, Jon "apparentlyhasahotmom" Hughes farewell to 57 edit.

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