February 23, 2013

Saturday afternoon interview

  I had the opportunity of sitting down with and spending alone time with one of the coolest people I know, myself. We spoke about some pretty deep stuff over a couple drinks. Had some laughs and some cries. I must say I learned quite a bit from our talk, and I am so happy to present it to the rest of the world. Without further ado, ladies and gents, the Kevin Sanchez interview.

Me: So, A/S/L?
  Kevin: 25, Male, I am currently residing in Lakewood, OH.

You haven't lived in Lakewood for very long correct? Where are you from?
  Yeah, I've been in Lakewood for about a year and a half now. The ol' ball and chain and I decided to move here to do something different. I was born in Florida. It wasn't for me so when I turned 2, I made the choice to pack the family up and move to Kansas. Fun fact, Kansas was almost named Possum Trot. Anyway, I lived there till I was about 10 until my mom got a job offer with Bad Vibe. She was over being a state trooper in Kansas so we came to Ohio. We lived in Concord, now I'm here.

Now, Concord is well known for their bmx scene. Is that where you got into riding? Can you tell me what it was like growing up in one of the most important places for bmx in the country?
  Yeah, it's a pretty crazy place and that's where I started getting interested in bikes. I would try to do wheelies in my front yard. I also put a piece of wood on a tree stump and would jump that all day. I didn't get introduced to all the big time bmx dudes until I went to that huge concrete SMP skatepark in Painesville one town over. You've probably seen the park, it's in a bunch of vids.

Yeah, that crazy one?
  Yeah, that's the one.

Cool, let's stop talking about the past. Let's talk about the immediate present. What are you doing right now?
  Well we're, and by we're I mean you and me, are watching Hell's Kitchen on Hulu. I just recently got interested in this show. I'm watching season 4 right now and it's a doozie. Jen just got kicked off. I don't know who's going to win. Shit's cray.

Do you like T.V.?
  Uh huh.


I do too.
  Yeah, it's just one of those things.

  Hold on. (We pick up our phone to see if anyone has texted us or left us a nice message on Facebook. We are a bit letdown as no one has. People are posting nice pictures on Instagram, but we don't have any more likes or followers. Bummer. We still feel odd about twitter. There's just so much going on there.)
Sorry about that.

No problem, we have plenty of time.  Why don't you just tell me a little bit about what an average week is like in our life?
  Well, we never work on Mondays. That's nice. You and I work in a restaurant and it's closed on Monday. I like having constants in our life otherwise we feel weird.

I never don't feel weird.
  Same here.

Preaching to the choir brother.
  Anyway I work evenings. I like that and I don't. Sorry. We. I'm confusing us. I like our job. We work with nice people. We try to ride a couple times a week. Going to Ray's during the day is nice. I like that there's not a lot of people there and I can just spend time with you. We like to cook for my wife and hang out with her.

How long have I been riding?
  Geez oh man. We've been riding for a number of years. At least 13 years. That's absolutely crazy to think about.

How do we feel about it after all these years? Have feelings changed?
  Absolutely. You've always loved it, but I feel that we love it now more than ever.

I think this narrative we are using is confusing me.
  Uh huh.

In relation to bikes, what would I say are your plans this year?
  Well, the most important thing is riding as much as possible. Trying and learning new things. I have a lot to learn because we never really tried much. We can't tell you've been riding for 13 years if I know what we mean. I kinda look like a dick most of the time. We're going to Knoxville in March and it's going to be awesome. I'm going to spend a bunch of time behind, and hopefully in front of the camera. We are also buying a Honda Ruckus. That's related to the topic because I am going to put a sissy bar bike rack on it. You can't wait for the new Cleveland skatepark to open. I don't live far from there. It will be fun riding the Ruckus there all the time.

Anything else I would like to talk about?
  Sure. I've been wondering about aliens quite a bit lately. There are people that I know that don't even consider the fact that there could be planets out there inhabited by who knows what. I mean, we are here, and so is all this other crazy stuff. How could someone just discount that there aren't really unicorns and giants somewhere? Look at a sawfish and tell me I'm wrong, ya dumb idiot.

I agree with me.
  I know, right? There is so much out there. Endless amounts of possibilities. People's arguments are, "well, we haven't seen it yet." Yeah, I've never been to Alaska, but I'm pretty sure eskimoes exist.

Over it. Any thanks?
  Thank you for everything. You only YOLO once.

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