March 25, 2013

The Bermuda Triangle of the Appalachians

Knoxville's own singer/songwriter RB Morris once said of his city, "Knoxville, TN: The Bermuda Triangle of the Appalachians." From what I can tell, nobody really knows what the hell he meant by that. From my own experiences I've gathered over the handful of times I've been to Knoxville, I tend to agree with the man. In a sense, this past weekend we were stuck in a Bermuda Triangle of our own up in Cleveland.

Every day we got closer to leaving for Knoxville, the weather seemed to get closer and closer to "complete shit", both in NE Ohio and Tennessee. Finally throwing in the towel and putting our stubbornness to bed over a few Spinners, we decided there wasn't much of a chance of us escaping the springtime winter weather we've become so accustomed to here by the lake.

To me, it seems the weekend we didn't spend in Knoxville turned out to be a success in the end. We all managed to get some extra hanging out time in over the weekend and everyone managed to ride a whole bunch over the weekend. All in all, it could have been worse. The following photos are some shots I took before hours at CHENgA II on Friday. Paul, Kevin, Johnny and myself had ourselves a damn fine time in an empty park. Till next time, Knoxville. Hopefully mother natures isn't such a wretched bitch.

 I was looking to shoot something Friday, so I asked Paul to toss a couple tables over the channel gap. I got out my camera, threw down a couple flashes and he let 'em rip.

Johnny was eying this up a little earlier and mentioned wanting to do it. When he asked me to shoot the smith, I thought he was talking about something completely different.

Kevin giving some moral support while Johnny laces up.

And of course, Johnny getting done. Even though Kevin, some scooter kids and myself were the only ones to see it happen, everybody was psyched on seeing this pulled and Johnny was pumped on the photo, so I was psyched on that.

8+ hours of being at Chenga is almost too much for one day.

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