May 22, 2013


   I've got some pretty exciting news to share. Seeing as how I haven't posted in a while I figure some big news would be in order. What the news is about is actually still pretty small, but it's big, big news.
   This is going against the rules here, seeing as how we are just a collective group of dudes that enjoy bike riding, but I've decided that we need a team rider to represent us in the big contests out there. I know it sounds dumb, but the fact is there's money to be made out there and having a rider on the field playing ball with increase our overall spending budgets without having to report taxes.
   I've been scouting riders throughout the year, but one really struck me today. I had just finished a scrambled-egg omelet when Kevin Sanchez told me I had to come over and meet this dude. I was a bit hesitant, but I've heard things about him and saw a few pics so I went for it. Damn I'm glad I did.
   I present to you, our 2013 BadVibe chief pro-team flatland and street rider "Copper".

Mid Steamroller

Copper bustin a flattie on Paulrad's bike

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