July 13, 2013


  BROFEST is approaching fast. We have a rescheduled date for Sunday July 28th. We are currently working on some moveable ramp additions to add some finna to the park. The jam is gonna rule.
  Any local smokies reading this that want to be a part of the jam organization, do your part and clean up the skatepark and pitch in a few bucks or bike parts for prizes, or buy some shirts and stickers off me so I can buy prizes.

 I got lazy and screen-capped the contest setup or the jam. Pretty self explanatory formats. I'm hoping most everyone riding can pitch in the $5 entry for best trick and have some fun with it, no matter what skill level. If we can get over 10 people entered the payout will be split for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best tricks. I'm doing my best to gather up some prizes and awards, if you have anything to donate for the younger best trick contest pitch it in!

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