August 04, 2013


  I bought these shoes 10 years ago. They went great with my flare leg girl jeans. Problem was they weren't the sweetest riding shoes. After a few months they just slipped around ramps like I was on a bowling lane, maybe that's why they look like bowling shoes.
  I don't hate them, they are actually my favorite shoes for walking around in. I still have them and wore them up until about a month ago. My cat decided to have a pissing problem and started pissing on everything in the house, including these ol boyz. They've been washed 3 times so far and are sitting in my garage drying out.
  They really aren't worth saving. The sole wore through and I rubber cemented inner tube strips in its place, but water still leaks in on a wet day. Give me a nice dry summer day when I'm going to feed ducks in the park, and these will always be my first choice. That's reason enough to save them. I'm a shoe hoarder.

When I think of CODY DUFF, I alwaysALWAYS think of these blue shoes, that's the point of my rambling. Here's a sweet edit at a sweet park.

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