August 08, 2013


Steve Owen Is one of the main reasons why our area ever had a set of trails started in the first place, without him, we would have nothing today. Steve recently underwent Brain surgery to remove a large tumor mass and is currently in the recovery process. We're gonna put together a kick ass event for his benefit, and expect everyone and their grandma to show up and support him and the trails, even if you're a 4-pegged freak.

Jumps are super dialed right now, and mass amounts of work is gonna be done throughout this next month to get even more lines going. We are gonna be cooking out and have other events going on throughout the day, so come ride, eat, drink, explore your mind, talk about motorcycles, or whatever. 100% of any donations gathered go directly to Steve.
Loosely planned, just show up.

If you've been here before, do NOT park behind the movie theater plaza. At the very least park in the actual shopping plaza and ride back.
Safest parking is on the other side of the woods now, contact someone local for more info.

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