December 10, 2013

11 minutes of HELL

Currently working on the worlds greatest bmx edit of scrap, unused, lost, and double angle clips. By worlds greatest, I mean like 11 minutes worth of random ass shit, that seems to flow pretty well with a few select songs, somehow.
Maybe staring at the computer and replaying clips for hours has just tricked my mind into thinking this will be an enjoyable edit to watch. Regardless, once I dump everything off my computer, maybe my professional IMovie '11 suite package premium edition software will finally stop being a son of a bitch and let me finally upload more motocross GoPros. 
   That's pretty much why I decided to start this project. Anytime I get a sweet GoPro project flowin of me hittin 800 foot quadruple dragon back jumps on my fire-breathing death machine on wheels, the IMovie bastard-child decides to blow it's damn pinwheel around for 15 minutes generating thumbnails of bmx clips I really have no idea what to do with. Not to mention 50% of the footage is just Scotty Spaid doing bitch runs at a nutsack high handrail because he's scared his Primo Stogies won't make connection with the steel tubing that runs down a few small steps. Joking aside, that little faggot can do some pretty smooth lines and I have him riding to a perfect song to compliment his unique and one-off progressive riding style. 
   I sold my VX and fisheye on EBAY the other day. I don't regret it. I made $400 profit, I can't regret that. However, tossing these clips together in Tetris fashion (like Tetris for 5 year olds because I'm not Duncan Navazio here) has me finally missing my #BMXlife420yolo. I literally thought I was finally packing it in, I've never thought like that before and it sucks. Injuries will fuck with your head. I need to work, I need money to put food in my cats bowls, I need to buy stuff on EBAY, and t-shirts-I always need more t-shirts. Then I realize if I stop riding bmx, I stop living man(hits blunt). And if I (hits blunt again) stop living (hits blunt) (coughs) (coughs) then I may aswell (keeps coughing, can barely talk, still hits blunt) like be dead.  
  I'm bored, I've been sitting on the shitter, drinking my pre-workout, not even taking a dump. It's 3:25am,  Almost lunch break, I love my job. In a way, I just got paid to type that shit. That kind of makes me a professional blogger. Bell rang, time to go harness my inner Garry Valentine in the gym. Edit will be done tomorrow, which is your today. IMovie will probably be a dick and mess stuff up, so we'll see.

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