December 10, 2013

3% steady interest bonds

George "lifestyle shots" Sarkes killin the chenga2 film making game. One day I hope to sub-contract him into making me a dope edit with my good looks and American-pride ride.
I can relate to this one though. Leg injuries aren't fun at all, I'm dealing with that shit right now. But dual leg injuries sounds even worse. Looks like Mark is doing well for himself though getting his tricks back and repping his new sponsor, PNCbank. Apparently Mark worked out a deal with PNC to where they deposit $50 into his Roth 401K for every tailwhip he does, and $25 for barspins. It's a pretty wild system, but Mark has been taking full on advantage pioneering this new movement to start bringing money back into bmx. Gage Sharp is erect from 0:52.

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