January 03, 2014

Trip y'all's

Me(DaBoza) Scotty Spaid and Gage Sharp took an adventure south for the remainder of 2013. Went through Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Very loosely planned trip, but all worked out exceptionally well. With as simple as the trip route was, I can say it was still one of the better bmx trips I've been a part of.
I wasn't expecting to ride my bicycle more than 2 days, then packing it up and focusing on riding my dirtbike for most of the trip.
Day 1 was pretty much set to be a wash. We dragged ass getting on the road and stopped and sessioned Delaware park till dark. But we made our way to Florence dead set on riding, So we stopped at Sears and picked up a sweet Halogen light to run off my generator to session the park for about an hour in the dark. We decided to grab a hotel so we could have a real session at Florence the next day.
Day 2 we killed Florence and ate pizza in Atlanta.
Day 3 we made our way to Alabama and found a random ass school in the middle of no where with all the street fixins to get some decent footage. Nabbed some clips and I rode moto the rest of the day. Fell asleep that night dreaming about a banger rail setup at that school.
Day 4 We woke up and went right to the random school to get a couple more clips before heading to the moto track. I already decided earlier that morning against attempting the bangin rail setup I was dreaming about. But after I filmed Gage doing a rough nose manual for some time, I decided to swing by the rail and atleast say my goodbyes to it. Something clicked and I knew I had to give it a shot. This setup was literally 100% setup for me. Everything from a broom to a little portable wheelchair ramp to launch me up a loading dock was all just sitting there for me to make the setup perfect. First go and it was done. Finished up the rest of the day at the moto track pretty much.
Day 5 we rode Bowling Green Park and clocked in a few more clips to end out the filming of the trip. After that It was straight driving back home to be home for New Years Eve.

It was funner than I just made it sound. I'm falling asleep right now, a cat on each shoulder. I figured I'd write something about the trip. We'll have the edit up soon, I think it should be pretty decent, I'm real happy with the stuff we were able to get.

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