February 02, 2014

Tumbler Tyler & Tim's barn

POW week 4
If I'm good at one thing on a bike, it's putting myself in hairy situations such as this.
  I wasn't going to allow myself in any of the POW pictures, but after thinking about it, I'm totally fine with it. Anyone that takes a picture of me surely puts time in the shot, not to mention putting up with me for a few minutes, so why not.
  If you have a better picture than this wall ride Tyler Pollari shot of me, then ya should've submitted it(or submit it for week 5!). I should also add that any submitted pics that didn't make the POW are all still in the running to be displayed at a future time. Your efforts aren't for nothing!
  This picture right now is my favorite. It seems to run a course of me having an idea for a stunt, Tyler being the go to camera dude, him shooting a sweet pic, then that said sweet pic becomes my new favorite picture of myself, thus supplying more motivation to shoot more sweet pictures with him.     That's how it should work, getting motivation to do cool shit for things OTHER THAN INSTAGRAM.
More great pictures from the session last week at Tim Chivers awesome barn.

I can't manual, Paul can. Typoll pic-trickery

Driveway ramps pay dividends in situations like this. PaulRad pic

Paul enjoys the way toboggans feel on his gooch. Typoll pic
Tyler really enjoys a good vert wall carve, so should you. PaulRad pic
Truth be told, I did this 3x like a dick. Only the pic looks good by Typoll.

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