March 23, 2014

Super Bro Tour 2014

   BroFest has had a great 5 year run at the skatepark in Eastlake. What started as a joke, turned into a great annual event bringing together most of the north eastern Ohio bmx fun havers, crammed into a tiny beat up skatepark that has surely been nearing its maximum capacity.
   This year I'd like to expand BroFest and cover not only our Elake event, but get the crews at New Philly and Alliance skatepark involved as well to create the Super Bro Tour jam series.  Same loose format at all 3 locations, and we'll have each crew put a spin on their hometown events. All events are on Saturdays of the Holiday weekends (Memorial Day, Indepence Day, Labor Day).
   This is a Pro/Am jam series utilizing jam format qualifying and best trick finals at each stop, however that will only be a small portion of each event. Everyone's participation is key to making this a successful time. Whether you're planning on back-flipping over a grill to win BroTour Gold or doing burnouts in the parking lot on your rust-bucket,  there will be something in store to make sure everyone has a good time.

Stay tuned for more info and potential sponsor updates. Get involved and do your part!
If you'd like to pitch in at your home town event get with Cody Duff for New Philly, and the Oravetz's for Alliance. Elake you already know.

Last years Brofest

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