October 15, 2014


It's hard to believe that the 2nd annual halloweenies jam has come and gone. This year's event came up on us quick. As always we put planning to the last minute and made the trophies days before the event. This year's event was warmer than last year's and a few familiar faces showed up again. We try to make this jam feel more like a session than an actual contest. We don't have great functional prizes, just some weird bike art and some t-shirts. To me this event was created for the shake of brotherhood in bmx. Something that at times seems to be lost in bmx. Everyone killed this past Saturday and there was plenty of shit talking and a few costumes to boot.

Foot Down:
Headless Horseman

High hops:
Gage Sharp

1st-Kyle Kuhn
2nd-Devin Clum
3rd-Russ Wiley

1st-Kevin Teets
2nd-Travis Collins
3rd-Ray Fairclough

There was a lot of madness in both events. Kyle Kuhn took is 1st ever win in his 1st ever contest with a feeble to easy 180 off the tall ledge among other buttery lines. The pros went off from flairs to front flips. Kevin Teets took home the win with a gap out of the park to rodeo peanut approved side walk lander. Travis Collins took 2nd with some unique transfers and and huge manual 180 off of the quarter. Ray Fairclough rounded it off with 3rd by doing a bowl to bowl tuck among other crazy tricks.

Photos by: Photos by Jason Moran

Ray Fairclough winning best of show

Shane Sickles lip to almost little spine air

Kevin Teets wedge to side walk

Travis Collins wall to 180

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