March 05, 2015

Hollywood bike check

  First time I saw Hollywood he was 3 whipping over a junker car at the FBM Ghetto Street comp. It may have been a car hitching post at that. It was a picture in a BMX magazine I had and I tapped it to my wall because Hollywood had dreads and I really liked P.O.D. at the time.
   Fast forward 8 or so years and Hollywood was teaching me the value of the almighty dollar at my first trip to the New York New York Cabaret during DK Dirt Circuit 2010. Contest day I rode like shit. I blamed my no brakes, I believe Hollywood wasn't into into the course cause of his front brakes, but we both know it was the bed bugs at the roach motel we stayed at that really did us in.
   Here's Mike Brancatos latest bike check for Profile Racing featuring his crazy tech skills. "Extra long for your pleasure"..I can't even. (insert Hollywood's World Famous butt pinch)

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