January 07, 2013

Bike Check

Built up a new machine that looks pretty damn good for being one of my bikes. It'll look like shit soon enough. I made a bike check so you can build an exact replica if you wish.

Frame: Huffy Mudslinger XL custom
Fork: Redline Monster
Bars: Bully Nudie
Stem: GT piston w/shield wrap
Front wheel: GT mowhawk II laced to Sun BFR
Rear wheel: Primo Son of a Bomb laced to Sun 4play
Cranks: Poverty welfare 3pc
Seat: Poverty Sofa(spray painted Kevlar black)
Seat post: Primo Rod w/Marvin's guts
Pedals: Odyssey triple traps
Sprocket: Profile blackjack
Pegs: Haro fusion
Grips: ODI ruffian
Tires: Duro basket case f/r
Tubes: Dans Street tubes
Valve caps: 8-balls on order

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