January 07, 2013

Jake Bohrer

I met Jake 12 years ago on our schools Lacrosse team. Nicknamed "Running Wolf" for his quick feet and Algonquin accent, he quickly escalated to the top of our team. It was our third match of the season and Jake ended his lacrosse carreer with a tweaked ankle. He confided in me and told me to carry on and become the best damn lacrosse player the states ever seen. I couldn't do it, I couldn't even step on the field without thinking about that tweaked ankle. I called Jake and asked if he'd be interested in bmx riding and he said "BMX?! that's for faggots" and immediately hung up the phone. I didnt see or hear from him for about 10 years after that phone call.

That's a story I wish I could share, truth is, I barely know Jake. But I do know that he is a dialed bar throwing crazy combination machine. This is good.

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