February 14, 2013

Midschool Madness

   I've acquired the mid-school bmx addiction. It's nice building up an old dream bike for pennies on the dollar of what it would have once cost you. It starts with just the frame and some spare parts you have laying around the house. You get that dream frame to where you can ride it and your head starts wondering about the other parts you used to dream of running. Eventually your on eBay scouring old parts listings looking for lost treasure. You'll find new old stock listings of parts that sellers are pretty much charging you shipping fees to unload their inventory. Soon you'll end up buying shit for a 2nd old dream bike just because you can't pass up the deal. That's when you develop a problem and wonder why everybody else isn't doing this.
   Imagine that, everyone starts building up an old mid-schooler and we all get together and do cool shit that only the dudes with the badass bikes get to do. I strongly encourage everybody to watch these videos, then get ahold of an old pre-2003 frame with american bb and standard headset, think about building it up or acquiring even more period correct parts to add to the frame, and hopefully keep your eyes open for a solid event/contest towards the end of the year. Hell, maybe you still ride one!

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