February 13, 2013

Video morals

   It's staggering the amount of video submissions I wake up to daily. Usually it ends up with me watching about 3 of them before I go crazy due to the lack of quality being sent in to me. I have a big chalkboard next to my computer for when I get pissed off at the videos, I start scratching it like a cat. The screeching noise calms me down enough to review about 3 more video submissions.
    Today I was on my 5th round of cat scratching and video reviews when an edit graced my presence from YouTube user "OhWow071" titled "beginner bmx edit". This video was perfect in every way I could think of. The amount of special effects packed into this 1:17 long masterpiece is almost surreal. I could've sworn these boys had 100 different colored bikes and outfits with their computer generated wizardry. One could only assume this is due to the works package offered in Windows moviemaker. Music selection is also key in making a bmx edit. I'm sick of seeing all these local edits with badass riding, being edited to shit that makes you look like a fairy faggot on a bike. This edit starts with a bang and the music really flows perfectly in sync with the riding.
   The only thing this edit lacks is lifestyle shots. They could have easily made this a 3 minute edit if they included more shots of them smiling and saying "whaddupp" to the camera while high fiving their buds after every clip. I think they decided on the "no frills no bullshit" approach though and it worked for em.
   Harry Issitt and Jay Wilson doin it for Fit and Wethepeople prove to me that it doesn't matter what bmx skillset you have, whether its beginner or pro, quality is key. If you want to know how to get a video over here on badvibebmx.com, then follow in the footsteps of this edit all the way from the United Kingdom.

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