March 09, 2013

Lost hoodies

   Had a sick outdoor sesh today. Actually learned something and got a few tricks back that I haven't done in years. I made a solid attempt at learning Scotty's famous jib manual bitchcrank 180s, i'm close but still have a long way to go. Then Gage "thenosewheeliekid" Sharp showed up just in time to help my hang5 efforts. Ill say today made me one step closer to being a one-wheeled clown master. Speaking of master, we had a sick sloppy game of bike on a 1ft quarter. I forget who won, but it wasn't any of my competition.
   We also filmed a decent amount of shit to to test out a new camera setup, maybe an edit will come out after another sesh or whatever. Idk, heres a couple pics and screen grabs.

Tried to take a pic of my car, but this kid got in my shot

Then he got in the way of me taking a pic of the trees
Scotty tried to get me to play Fallout Boy, and someone stole my sweatshirt today
Real psyched to do this again

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