March 07, 2013

Significant other

    Winter sucks, 2nd shift sucks, but combing the two really sucks. Now I have Limp Bizkit stuck in my head. Nothing wrong with that I guess.
    2nd shift has made my life very productive. I sleep in everyday until 11am, wake up to reset my alarm, then sleep more until 12:30. That's when I really get up because by then I really have to take a leak. I pour some cereal and pet my cats for a good half hour while checking the latest news feed.
   This is where that productiveness kicks in, I realize I have about an hour and half before I leave for work, so I hurry up and start a 3 hour project to crank out just before my work alarm goes off. My alarm says "WORK!!! LEAVE NOW!". Of course I'm always still in my boxers so I run around the house and toss on some clothes, feed the cats,  then bolt out the door. I know which way I have to take to work to make it on time. I CAN'T be late, so I know if I pull in the lot 3 minutes till, I have to run through the underground tunnel to punch in at the nearest time clock. I've been one minute late once in the past 2 years, and I've never not had to speed but a few times to get to work.
    Anyways, my job rules and it has good perks like getting to workout on all my breaks and I get to take care of my E-social life, eBay, and writing this crap throughout the day. Work ends at midnight and I try to be the first one gone to get home and be more productive. I usually have a gameplan that I thought of while I was at work, so I can get home and get right to it. I pour a nice tall Malibu and Diet Coke to help get started. Sometimes my friend comes over to box for a few hours, sometimes it's working on bikes, and more than likely I end up doing housework until I go to bed at 4-5am.
    Those are my weekdays, everyday. If it wasn't for #tabletoptuesday, #wallridewednesday, and #turndownthursday hashtags on instagram, I wouldn't have a clue what day it was. The only days I ever know are Saturday and Sunday, those are the only days I get to ride and see all my normal scheduled friends. 2nd shift makes me feel old. While my friends get to spend their freetime riding, I'm spending mine hanging up curtains and laying tile in my kitchen. It's a no brainer why I'm not landing my triple tailwhips.
   I'm hoping once the nice weather rolls around, ill find a few more riding friends stuck in my situation, or hopefully ill go back on 3rd shift. Then I can write about how that shift makes me not productive at all.

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