April 19, 2013


   I was taking a dump a few nights ago at Chenga 2 in the girls bathroom when I got the first word on some pretty big news involving a ChengaWorld Skatepark employee. I heard some small talk coming from the men's bathroom, along with a very strong urine flow so I narrowed down who it was to either Lemmy Kilmister or Paul Radosevich. What I was hearing didn't quite make too much sense to me, but it involved a lot of money, little boys, and a scooter.
   I rushed out of the bathroom(after washing my hands) to hopefully either get a sweet autograph of the ace of spades playing card I keep in my wallet incase I ever run into Lemmy, or to ask Paul what the commotion was in the bathroom. I find neither person however and Paul disappeared from Chenga altogether that night.
   I forget about it all and continue to train a little longer on the resi pad when a gang of scooterists approach me. I expect them to heckle me about how bikes are gay and that I need to give it up already, but instead they ask me if I'm good friends with Paul and if I'm gonna be filming his new edit. I was surprised they weren't being dicks to me, but I was even more surprised they were interested in seeing an edit from a BMX rider! Apparently Paul has been talking to these scooter kids a lot lately and I was assuming he was trying to get them to stop picking on us bike riders. Well...
   Apparently I was wrong. The hot news finally was released just moments ago via Instagram, and its clear Paul has found a new path to continue his progression through life in. It was a great ride Paul, we all wish the best in your future endeavors. Godspeed

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