April 14, 2013

Get Used To Having A Good Time

HOLY SHIT! Thank you to everyone that came out last night and thanks to Now That's Class for having us. I would call that premiere a great success. Seemed like everyone had a good time and surprisingly everyone behaved.

Watching bmx videos in a bar always feels right and last night was no different. Started off the night with the new Vinyl video, followed by 1000 Yard Stare, the official world premiere of Kevin Sanchez's Always And Never (which skipped a bunch because of the dried up beer on the disc, I think), then the premiere of Get Used To It.

Get Used To It was great from what I recall. Between the beers and Jeffy talking my ear off it was kind of hard to concentrate on the video. I do know that everyone killed it and Hoang Tran sends it repeatedly on some stair sets and gaps. Definitely go buy this video or download it from Subrosa's online store Monday.

I heard something about a shark with homosexual tendencies being in attendance and I think I was supposed to post Kevin's jokes but I forgot them all. If you bounced before the bands, you missed some good rock n roll and some fine ladies from Nashville playing some sleazy tunes.

So thanks again to everyone who came out and to Now That's Class for letting us use the place. Hopefully we can put on more events like this and do some cool stuff in NE Ohio. If you weren't there last night, you missed out.

Kevin has nice hair and wears cardigans.
Cheff P done got tagged.
Thelma and the Sleaze
These girls were fun. Rock n roll babes rule.
Know it.

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  1. "No fisherman can catch gay shark, because none of them use dildos for bait."