February 03, 2014


  Designed the newest/best mid-school parody t-shirt out there to pay some respect to the greatest bmx creation ever constructed. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you're a clown.
  I'm going to be giving away a free shirt and stickers to the RIDER of this weeks POW challenge winner. Photographer will still get stickers. This will be week number 5.
  Send in good pictures, work with a good photographer and do something dangerous. Week 10 I will be giving away another free shirt to the photographer pow winner.
  These shirts will be available in a couple weeks for purchase in black, white, grey, and red. Very limited quantities available. 10 of each color to be exact. $12 each, 2 for $20. Soft print on very nice shirts, not that nipple chaffing crap.
New design will be available 2/20/2014

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