February 03, 2014


  When not out pissing off the world, Andy Sheltraw can be found using that flat square footage at the skatepark that will make some poor soul say "wtf dude can't you ride somewhere else?!" That's when you'll realize you just opened up a can of worms and you should've kept your mouth shut and let him ride his bike just like he let's you do your own thing. Andy will reply with something that either makes too much sense for your unenhanced brain to understand, or hell, maybe he'll be too enhanced to make sense at all. Or he'll just try to avoid the situation altogether, say fuck it, and let you have your way.
  Sheltraw is the most simple and complex human that I currently know. Most of the time I feel as though I'm the moderater between the people that get along with him, and the people that don't. Like me, Andy speaks his mind and opinions. He'll lay it out for you and most definitely rub you the wrong way when he says something you don't wanna hear. I like that cause I know he's real and not 2-faced like most people around here.
That shirt though
  To me he's a good dude. If I need help with something he's honestly one of the first people that would drop by and help me out, with anything. He cut my grass when I couldn't walk! He then proceeded to put that same grass in the trunk of his car for composting. He's a solid supporter of Badvibe and goes out of his way to get people involved in what's going on with the site, and what we are all doing in general, plus he reps our shirt designs when riding and competing. So we he comes to me and asks for a little flatland exposure on the site, I don't have a problem returning the favor.
Wife beater? Potential signature trick 
  Last year Andy competed in the AmFlat contest series, hitting all rounds in the beginner class. He took 2nd overall and seemed to make a lot of good real friends along the way. Flatlanders are a different breed, they all seem to get along and support each other with less shit talking, fuckin weird.
Rollin around on his own custom made pegs 
  This year he's planning to hit the same series plus a few extra events in the next class up. In the off-season, Andy and his trainer Scott Powell have been working in the secret Chenga Flatland foam pit perfecting combos that will make all the underage girls panties drop.
  Speaking of girls, Andy is NOT afraid of them. Its fun to feed him gnarly pickup lines to test out on girls at the bars. I'm not sure if any of the ones I gave him actually worked, but he's never turned down an attempt yet. Determination.
February 28th in Toronto Canada, first stop. Yes Andy can cross the border legally.
  Andy's really looking forward to this year and getting out there more. He's learned a few goatee grooming tips from Powell and will be sporting new looks throughout the season to help win over the hearts of the judges.  When you see him steamrollin his way in your area, give him some room and try not to misjudge him. It's real easy to jump on the bandwagon and not give the dude a chance when you never even formed your own opinion of him.

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