February 27, 2014


I've been slacking a little and may have skipped a week here, but ohwell. Cody "the gambler" Duff sent in some outdoor flair(no gage) of him seat grab turn-barring over a guardrail, shot by Timmy Kalp. This makes for a nice little breakup of all the indoor pics we've seen lately.
I couldn't resist cropping out the 5,000 miles of sky that was included in the original picture. You know, because I'm not down with Chem-trails and Weather balloons and HAARP and Obama changing the weather to melt glaciers to flood our street spots.

Duff gettin risky with an over guardrail/under electrical wires t-bog. Pic by Timmy Kalp

Another picture poached from M¢Yo$h

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