August 17, 2014

Alliance & Co. "Never Grow Old" DVD

I recently went out with the Alliance & Co. filmers Matt Poteet and Kenny Mayle to help film and get clips for the friends section of the DVD "Never Grow Old". Matt has been battling a ankle injury he acquired during the filming his part. As it goes there should be six full parts and two friends sections.
 Alliance & Co. representative Kenny Mayle (pictured above) stated: that they're looking to have a small DVD premiere on a date that has yet to be determined. "Never Grow Old" will be sold as a hard copy, with a photo flip book, along with talks of selling a digital copy as well.
  (Kenny & Matt checkin clips)
Kenny and Matt will be splitting the editing duties between the two of them. So, expect the "Never Grow Old" DVD to have not only diverse riding but diversity in filming and editing.
 (Kenny with a tight tire ride while Matt Captures it)
While the "Never Grow Old" DVD has no release date I expect this to be worth the wait. With three filmers and a crew of riders I expect something great from everyone involved. Stay tuned for more updates on the "Never Grow Old" DVD. Until then take a peak at the promo video.

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