August 27, 2014

BroFest Alliance schedule

  This Saturday, August 30th, will be the last stop of the BroTour at Alliance Skatepark. I'd like to make this the smoothest run and most fun event of the tour so we end on a good note to lead into next year.
  I have the following schedule in order, while it looks like a heavy contest oriented event I'm looking to sway more towards the roots of Brofest with good jam session fun throughout the day. For the riders entering the contest, these will be the times you need to be aware of for your respective class. For the jammers, there will be plenty more open riding than appears on this schedule.
   I really encourage everyone to enter the contests to maximize your fun and win shit, plus the donations really help keep these events moving.
2:00pm BroFest
3:00pm Beginners
4:00pm Open Jam/Beginner Awards
4:30pm Am Qualifying
5:30pm Open Jam*
6:00pm Pro Qualifying
7:00pm Am Finals
7:30pm Pro Finals
8:00pm Open Jam/Pro-Am Awards

  We've been pretty lax when it came to time frames during contest runs at the other events, I'm really pushing to keep this one on schedule so you better start training and getting your shit together to impress the judges and sponsorship talent scouts in the timeframe you are given.
*I will be signing autographs during the open jam before Pro qualifying.

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