March 03, 2014


   One of my favorite events that I've bailed out of for 3 consecutive years now took place this past weekend. While 50,000 riders from Ohio went, none of my immediate travel buddies could attend and I don't fair well going on solo trips.
   My last solo trip to the Toronto jam was legit the most miserable experience of my life. I was stranded for 4 extra days with a car with a busted fuel pump being serviced in the sketchiest sketchball shop I've ever decided to trust. I walked about 15 miles that week and tried sleeping in a mall and bus stop to no avail. The whole operation counting car repairs, hotels, and my phone bill left me with a good $3000 trip bill and a weeks pay lost from work. Unfortunately I didn't win the $1,000,000 pro purse from the contest either. 
   Anyways, so I didn't go this year. However Ohio still represented very well and dudes killed it. Chances are you already know how everyone did, but I'll repost anyways. More info on TorontoBMX

1. Drew Bezanson
2. Mike Varga
3. Nick Bruce
4. Nick Digerolma
5. Steven Moxley
6. Rob Armour

1. Jamie Cooper-Ellis
2. Evan Taneff
3. Alex Leibrock

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